Side Effects Of Picture Uploading On Facebook

Side Effects Of Picture Uploading On Facebook

A girl upload her all pictures on Facebook and also upload information about her work. She also share with her friend that what she was doing at this time due to which it become her hobby. When her uncle died she also upload her status that my uncle had died. Not only upload that status she also upload his died body picture on the Facebook. She received many likes on her posts that is why she suffer in such type of bad hobby. In starting her parents stop her for uploading such things but with the passage of time they do not say her any thing.

Admin comments about that video
I know that this is a funny video but this is very bad habits of uploading status on Facebook specially for girls because due to this everyone know what are you doing at this time and if you have any enemy then he will thread you and many people also have authority to download your pictures and they should use your pictures for many bad thing. So beware and take care. Remember me in your prayers. Regards

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