A baby born in India has two BRAINS. Doctor became shocked when they now that.

Baby pic -
The baby which has two brains

Mumbai | In India Doctor Jagadhish Parsa, tells that that baby has two brains in a single body.

In the case of Disrosopus twins share some body parts but has separate face and Brain. But in this case babies share their baby parts as well as Face and Brains with each others.

Doctors pics -
In India Doctor Parsa and his colleagues in Saiffe Hospital made a series of experiments on that newborn baby.
After the examination of 24hour Doctor have proved that that baby have two different brains which control the single body and also said that this baby has only one heart,

This baby has very large Head as compare to other boys because of two different brains.The size of his head which already caused many complications at the time of his birth. Besides from that problem, these twins has internal organs all seem to function normally. The Doctor hope that they could possibly live many years.

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