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Funny pics

Funny Pics Mazay ki dunya have a large Best collection of the most funny pics, funny wallpapers, funny photos, funny pictures. Download these free funny photos for whatsapp, facebook, twittter and other social media websites. Hope you will enjoy these funny pics and lough on them after read them Bro and Bill Gates
In this photo bro talks to his dad that i wanna marry with the Bill Gates daughter and then he go to Bill Gate's house and talk to him No lungs no lung cancer
As we know that smoking cause lungs cancer but the fishes do not have lungs so in this funny picture a fish is smoking in the pool and it will not get lungs cancer Funny poetry
In this funny photo the lover of the poet did not reply him and smart cat said that it may be due to that he did not check his other messages box on facebook my husband just swallowed a paracetamol
Lady: my husband just swallowed a paracetamol by mistake what shall I do Dr: Give him a headache now, why waste medicine driving speed
when we a…