Girl Do A Job in Dubai And Take Interview Of Girl

Girl Do A Job In Dubai And Take Interview Of Girl

Girl Do A Job In Dubai And Take Interview Of Girl

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Jobs In Dubai:

          Many people want jobs in Dubai but they do not get job after many tries. In the video a girl do a job in the news channel of Dubai and came here for taking the interview of a girl who is the only girl in Dubai who have licence. The Dubai government do not allow to people to drive the car but she was the only girl who is allowed by the government of Dubai to drive the car.

in Dubai Girls Driving Ferrari - U.A.E by mazaykidunya

In the video a girl sit the the Ferrari and going for ride with a news reporter who was came there for taking the interview of this lady. Both sat in the car and the girl start the car and start driving and the journey start. After some time they were talking with each other.

The driver girl said that I love Dubai and the other girl said that they will kind if skid past you and give you a signal, like, are you ready for race? She said that like that guy there? 1st girl said yeah. He is kind of cute, yeah He is quite cute and begun to talk with each other.

This is because of the wealth of the girl due to which she gain the licence of driving the car in Dubai. Due to wealth you can do any thing in this wealth but there are many bad effect of wealth is also present. Some people use their wealth for bad thing, for their bad habits.

Muslims believe that one they they will die and they have to give answer to ALLAH about their life which they spend on the earth and also answer to God about their use of wealth.


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