Latest Video Of Miracle Of ALLAH

Latest video of Miracle of ALLAH

It is an amazing latest Islamic video of Miracle of ALLAH in Masjid al haram.
Latest Video Of Miracle Of ALLAH

Watch this video and think about it that it is real or fake video because many people said that it is a fake video and did not believe on this video. ALLAH said in the Quran that HE born miracle with light. In this video we saw the light of white color near the pillar of the Masjid AL Haram. In the light of Quran-e-Pak many people said that he was the Miracle of ALLAH. But some people said that it was a camera trick because in this modern era we can do many things which was not possible in the past. Must share this video to your friends and also tell us what you think about this video.

merical of ALLAH video by mazaykidunya
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