She Was Alone In Parking Area - Watch What Happened With Her

A girl was stranding alone in the parking area. Three boys came there and try to blackmail her. They tried to harass her. But at the same time a car came in the parking lot and stop there. Five boys were sat in the car. They opened the door and came outside from the car. The boy ,who drive the car, start the car and park it at the parking place.

She Was Alone In Parking Area - Watch What Happened With Her

 All these boys saw the girl and the three other boys who were already present there. They saw to each other for a short time and after some time the second boys who came through the car were gone away and did not do any thing. The first three boys who are already there smiled and move toward the girl. But one of the boy stop and saw again the other boys. The three boy said to the boy go away but he did not move.
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After some time the other four boys also came there. They are ready to attack on the other three boys. When these three boys saw this they became worried. They were started to think that now what happened here. After same time when they realized that they are in danger. They ran away and left the girl alone. In this way the five boys save the life of a girl for the three bad boys. The video of this story is also given below you can see all the story in that video.

 by mazaykidunya

must share this video with your friends because it is very special msg for all those people who ignore the incident and do not call the police or any other helper.


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