Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification, Price, Release Date, News and Rumors

Samsung is the best mobile phone manufacturer company and they proved it every year, This year they made Samsung Galaxy S6 which became famous as their old mobile phone models. Now it is again in the news that they are making the world best mobile which will beat all other mobile phones in the world. The mobile phone name is Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus.
According to Samsung company they are lunching three new mobile phone models next year and this year Samsung had already lunched Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Note 5 which are dominating the mobile phones market with its high end Galaxy S series. If you noticed that Samsung, made most famous mobile phones every year, Release three best smart phones every year which beat and brake all the records of other mobile phones.

News about Samsung Galaxy S7

According to the Rumors of Galaxy S7, Samsung is working on the new features for upcoming Samsung mobile phones in Galaxy S series and start optimizing  with the new hardware resources like e-sim card, a very high pixels front and back camera and very fast mobile phone charging ability.

Samsung company is going to lunch a Bigger, Smarter and Better Smartphone next year.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification, Price, Release Date, News and Rumors - mazy ki dunya

It thought that the Samsung Galaxy would have most advance Specifications and Features from any other mobile phone model.

What is Samsung Galaxy S7?

It is the next flagship phone which will made by Samsung and it will become the most famous phone ever.

When it will out?

It is hoped that it would out next year with awesome features.

What is its cost?

It is expected that it will most expensive phone ever.

Concept of Samsung Galaxy S7:

As its name shows that it is the seventh generation of Samsung Galaxy S series so it will be better than the other old phones so its concept is very big but Samsung not gave the idea about it but they said that it would be the ever best phone in the world. People want this phone in different colors especially in black, white, and in blue color. Samsung Galaxy S7 may have a big screen and a long life battery which will charge very fast. It may also have a very high mega pixel back camera. As today is selfie become very famous so it may also have a very high mega pixels front camera with some new features.

I think the main difference is again in the screen. If Samsung is going to get a success in Gear VR then it need a better screen and leaping forward to 8K will make shoving the phone on your face a pin sharp experience.

Other thing which we expected from Samsung that finally, we can see the iris scanning technology that collects the fingerprints of every user and also take the picture of every user in the proof that he/she was using your mobile phone.

We also think that the super sharp screen are now properly pushed to the sides of the phone which show the notifications properly on the either sides of the screen. As we talk about the edges of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is only for decoration and they are not used in the features of mobile phone but we hope now they will use as the notification panel.

We hope that the Samsung will use omni-sound technology on their new model by adding the speakers on the top and bottom of the phone which make this phone a true media marvel and there will no more backward facing little sound.

There are many more things which we expected from Samsung in his new phone. I will tell you at the end of this post.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date 

As every one is very excited to get this phone so here we can talk about the expected release date of this phone. As we talk about the old smart phones of the Samsung S flagship, the company release the phone in S series every year in these dates which are written below:

                                Model Name                                            Release Date

                          Samsung Galaxy S3                                       May 29, 2012

                          Samsung Galaxy S4                                       April 27, 2013

                          Samsung Galaxy S5                                       April 11, 2014

                          Samsung Galaxy S6                                       April 10, 2015

As the above mentioned release dates showed that last three mobile phones are release in April of every year. So we think that the Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S7 in April 2016 but it is only expected date.The Samsung company not give any information about the release date of this new phone.
However some people are too much excited for new mobile phone because its features are very awesome and they said that Samsung will release this phone in December 2015. But do not Forget that usually Samsung release one phone in S series and other Samsung Note and this year Samsung is already release its mobile phones so we thought that it is not possible that the Samsung release its new phone in December 2015. It will become a big departure if the company release its new phone in this year. So do not believe on these people and do not get excited like the people. Because we told you date on the basis of fact and also gave the reasons.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S7 country wise

Recently lunched Samsung Galaxy S6 are very expensive and many people did not have enough money to buy it. It was starting from 55k INR and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was starting from 58K INR which is very expensive for many people but now the company think to reduce the prise of new phone. In this way many people will get this phone and will enjoy the amazing features of this phone. As the no. of buyers increase so the company will get the maximum profit. The country wise price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is given below:

             Country Name                         Galaxy S7 Price                Galaxy S7 Edge Price

         Samsung Galaxy S7                             800 USD                              900 USD
               Price in USA

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           53000 INR                            60000 INR
               Price in India

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           84000 PKR                           94000 PKR
            Price in Pakistan

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           500 Pound                            593 Pound
               Price in UK

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           700 Euro                              807 Euro
              Price in Europe

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           1000 CAD                           1200 CAD
              Price in Canada

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           5128 Yuan                           5720 Yuan
              Price in China

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           1114 AUS                            1300 AUS
            Price in Australia

          Samsung Galaxy S7                           3000 Dirham                       3305 Dirham
          Price in UAE (Dubai)

After read the above prices some people are thing that Why the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is lower than Samsung Galaxy S6? I already gave the answer of this question that many people did not buy the S6 because the phone was very expensive and they do not have the enough money to but it.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7

This new phone will have really advance hardware and powerful software which will install in this phone for better performance and very hard work and it may also have very fast charging ability which enable it to charge the mobile in few minutes. Let us see the expected specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S7 

Design of Samsung Galaxy S7

We thought that the design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will be awesome and lovely. One of the Rumor suggested that the design of the new phone will be different from the other phones of S flagship. He suggested that the screen size of Samsung Galaxy S7 will bigger than the S6. The screen size will 5.7 inch which is the biggest screen of this series.

The phone will made up of metal which make it stronger than the other phones of S flagship. This will not easily break. This phone is made for heavy duty. Source Said that Samsung company is experimenting with magnesium based alloys which will make the phone lighter, stronger and allow the heat to move out when the processor working hard.

The rumors also said that the will not removable. It is bad news for those people who want removable battery. They want removable battery because after some year the battery damage and it is very easy to change the battery if it is removable.

Samsung Galaxy S7 screen or display

As we talk about the screen or display size of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Interestingly i want to say that the company will release this phone in two sizes. One with the size of 5.2 inch and other one with the size of 5.7 inch. It is supposed that one of them have a screen of them have a display of 4K which already given in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and in Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ though we would not control our breath for phablet version of S7.

As in recently lunched smart phone S6 have a QHD display with the resolution of 2560x1400 pixels. So it is also believed that the upcoming phone will also have a super AMOLED Display with 4K resolution.

While on the other hand as we talk about the display of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge it may have a little bit large screen of 5.7 inch. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also made up of magnesium based alloys so it will also very strong and would not easily break. Recently leaked news told that it will have a unique design with a very smooth metal body.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera Specs

As we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have back camera of 16 megapixels and front camera of about 5.1 megapixels. As the Samsung Galaxy S7 is new phone so it will have a batter camera than old phone.

According to Rumors Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will have a camera of 23 megapixels which is rotatable (which can turn both sides of the screen). 

But as we talk about Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge camera we thought that both may have a back camera of 23 megapixels and front camera of 8 megapixels.


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